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Boy's Haircuts

Our barbers deliver exceptional boys' haircuts tailored to your unique style preferences. Boys' haircuts could be a modern, trendy look, or a classic and time-tested style.

Come and get a stylish boys' cut at East Cobb Barbershop!

First Haircut Experience

At East Cobb Barbershop, we understand the significance of a child's first haircut. That's why we offer a special experience for little boys coming in for their very first visit to the barbershop.

Typically scheduled around the age of 1 year to 18 months, this memorable occasion is complimentary.

Not only do we provide a professional haircut for your little one, but we also offer a keepsake lock of their hair and a certificate to commemorate this milestone in their baby book. It's our way of celebrating this important moment with you and your family, ensuring it's an experience you'll cherish for years to come.

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"Best Barbershop in town. I have been seeing the same barber for 17 years. They are just good people and very friendly. They don't have any frills, bells or extravagance because they do not need any..."

Wes Duke

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