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About Barber Dee

Barber Dee - OwnerEast Cob Barbershop

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Meet Dee, a seasoned barber with a passion for her craft that spans over three decades. Her journey into the world of barbering began at Vogue Cosmetology/Barber school in New Mexico, where she obtained her license after 18 months of dedicated training. Since 1986, Dee has been cutting hair, with a brief hiatus to welcome her first two children into the world. However, her love for hairstyling never waned, and she returned to full-time barbering in 1995 at Columbus AFB, where she perfected her skills in military cuts of all regulations.

Dee's affinity for hairstyling blossomed during her childhood, influenced by visits to her great aunt's beauty shop and her grandfather's barbershop. Fond memories of listening to the "old timers" converse about life's adventures left a lasting impression on Dee, shaping her desire to create a welcoming atmosphere akin to the neighborhood barbershops of her youth. Her clientele spans generations, and Dee takes pride in watching her young clients grow up, evolving their hairstyles along the way.

As a barber, Dee strives to cultivate a sense of belonging and care for each client. Learning their names and preferred cuts within three visits, Dee ensures her clients feel comfortable and valued. Over the years, Dee has formed deep bonds with her clients, sharing in their joys and sorrows, from marriages and births to divorces and deaths. She cherishes the opportunity to care for her elderly clients, even providing house calls when they are no longer able to visit the shop.

Dee's expertise extends beyond traditional barbering, with a specialization in tapers, fades, flat-tops, and business haircuts. She finds fulfillment in performing first haircuts for babies and catering to the unique needs of special needs children and their families. Dee's dedication to her clients has earned her a loyal following, with some traveling great distances to receive her exceptional service.

Outside of the barbershop, Dee finds joy in spending time with her family, camping, fishing, and hosting monthly family dinners featuring a variety of cuisines. Grounded by her faith and surrounded by loved ones, Dee feels blessed to have served as a barber to her beloved clients for so many years, enriching their lives with her skill, compassion, and unwavering commitment. Dee has been happily married to her husband Tom since 1988 and is a proud mother of three children and grandmother to three grandchildren.

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