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About Barber Jerri

Barber Jerri at East Cobb Barbershop in Marietta, GA

Barber Jerri

Jerri is a seasoned barber with 29 years of experience that brings passion and dedication to her craft every day at East Cobb Barbershop. A graduate of Roffler's Barber College, Jerri's journey in the world of barbering began nearly three decades ago, and she has been a valued member of our team for 20 years.

Under the mentorship of her colleague and friend, Dee, Jerri has not only honed her skills but also built a strong and enduring relationship, akin to that of sisters. Specializing in fades, tapers, and the unique art of mullet styling, Jerri takes pride in providing her clients with the precise haircuts they desire, while also ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the shop.

For Jerri, barbering is more than just a job – it's a deeply personal and rewarding experience. She treasures the connections she has forged with each and every client, relishing in the stories they share and the bonds they form. From greeting clients with a smile to making them feel good about themselves, Jerri's dedication to her craft goes beyond the barber's chair.

Outside of work, Jerri finds joy in her roles as a wife and mother, cherishing her family and the home they've created together. With a knack for decorating and a talent for crafting bridal bouquets and diaper cakes, Jerri brings creativity and flair to every aspect of her life.

Reflecting on her journey as a barber, Jerri recalls the moments that have shaped her career – from shaving her father for her barber exam to witnessing the growth and milestones of her clients over the years. While the job isn't without its challenges, Jerri's faith and unwavering belief in God guide her every step of the way. With daily prayers for blessings upon herself, her customers, and her work, Jerri approaches each day with gratitude and humility, knowing that her faith is the cornerstone of her success as a barber.

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